Improvement in SCORAD

At Day 14, EpiCeram patients had a 41% reduction in SCORAD score (vs. 61% with fluticasone). Although both groups improved relative to control, significantly more patients in the fluticasone group had an "excellent" reduction in SCORAD score (i.e. >75% improvement; 35% vs. 7.5%).

By Day 28, mean SCORAD scores improved in both groups. Roughly two-thirds of patients in both groups achieved an "excellent" reduction in SCORAD score (i.e. >75% improvement).1

Comparable Reductions in SCORAD Scores at Day 28

(Adapted from Data on File1 and Sugarman et al2)

1. Data on File. Bridgewater, NJ: Promius Pharma, UC; 2008. 2. Sugarman et al. J. of Drugs in Derm. 12, 1106-1111, 2009

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