Reimbursement Process

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Patient Reimbursement Process

Do Prescription Drug Plans Cover the Cost of EpiCeram®?

EpiCeram® is covered for reimbursement by many private insurers. It is important to note that all insurers and plans do not reimburse the same way, as benefits vary according to the specific plan under which you and your family are covered. However, the coverage will depend on the type of plan your company offers. Please check with your insurance provider and/or employer for more information.

Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) is a chronic condition. You should write to your insurance company (and/or employer) to request for inclusion of EpiCeram in your insurance plan coverage if it is not already covered in your plan. Please find out the details of your drug plan from your employer or ask for covering EpiCeram® by directly calling your insurance provider.

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